Lead International

Business Success Principles

This unique management education program doesn’t just give you the academic background for success but presents the critical business processes needed to run a successful business. More importantly, the program is taught by US business leaders who emphasize practical application.

Whether starting an entrepreneurial enterprise or moving up the corporate ladder, successful managers understand the core business processes and how they impact strategic and tactical decisions. These are lessons that cannot be understood and mastered in just the classroom setting. LEAD’s Successful Business Principles program combines the academic background you need with the real world insights that can only be gained through experience.

LEAD recruits not only seasoned business professionals to teach the courses, but also those who have a passion to see young business leaders reach their potential. Additionally, local LEAD facilitators meet with participants in study groups between modules to explore how best to apply these management principles to their individual enterprises.

Program Distinctives:
Each module focuses on a single business discipline:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning

Each module is delivered over a five day period with four hours of instruction each day. Modules are spaced approximately three months apart so that the entire Business Success Principles Course is presented over a twelve month period.