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SERVE Leadership Conferences and Workshops

SERVE Leadership Practices

See and Shape the Future
Engage and Develop Others
Reinvent Continuously
Value Results and Relationships
Embody the Values

This powerful training event features executives from one of America’s most successful restaurant chains that pioneered the SERVE leadership model. Each presenter offers practical, real world insights on how these five leadership practices lead to success. In order to help leaders across the region better understand and apply the SERVE leadership model in their situation, Chick-fil-a Corporate University and LEAD have developed a highly interactive workshop to build on the concepts presented in the SERVE conferences.

The conferences are designed to:

  • Educate and empower leaders to be more serving and less self-serving.
  • Create organization-wide awareness of what great leaders know and do.
  • Define leadership and recognize behaviors that great leaders demonstrate when serving those they lead.
  • Inspire managers who want to increase employee engagement and initiative.
  • Support a culture change that embraces an attitude of service to others.

SERVE Leadership Workshops

Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses for each leadership practice and develop a specific action plan for development and moving forward to meet their current leadership challenge. Additionally, the workshop enables organizations to help shape and sharpen the leadership values that are most vital to delivering on their brand promise.

The workshop can be delivered in either a half day or full day format. Additionally, the workshop includes a self assessment tool that can be easily used to start the coaching process.